Jesse Mac Cormack | Land of Talk

Club Soda
1225 St. Laurent Blvd.

in collaboration with Virgin Radio 96, CISM 89,3 FM

  • June 28, 9 p.m.
    $35.25, taxes and fees included

Jesse Mac Cormack’s incredible debut album took its time to arrive. It is a passionate and kaleidoscopic work of art-rock that acts both as a fabulous introduction and as the climax of five years of meticulous evolution. At 30, Jesse Mac Cormack gathers the world around him. He lives in the moment – with a song on his mind and a guitar in his hands.

Life After Youth is the first Land of Talk album since 2010’s Cloak and Cipher. While caring for her father after he had a stroke, frontwoman Elizabeth Powell fell under the spell of classical, ambient, and Japanese tonkori music, whose meditative quality aided his recovery. Immersing herself in those sounds would change her entire approach to music making; she started writing songs without her trusty guitar, instead building tracks up from synth beds and programmed loops. These are the songs that got her through the tough times.