General information / Food services

Food services

The Festival International de Jazz de Montréal offers an appetizing array of on-site food services sure to please even the most discerning palates. Sweet, salty or spicy – there’s a little something for every taste. Bon appétit!

Club Montréal TD

Club Montréal TD, a new space on the Place des Arts Esplanade, will offer a colourful and relaxed urban ambiance. Every day, Club Montréal TD’s free programming will include two to three ‘en vogue’ artists, in addition to offering a culinary experience inspired by the Montreal food culture as well as local beverages.

Pub La Traversée Molson Export

Take advantage of Pub La Traversée Molson Export, a new area at Place Tranquille that offers food, beer and memorable musical performances. Each evening, several artists will perform on the La Traversée Molson Export stage.

Bistro SAQ

At the heart of the Place des Festivals, the SAQ Bistro awaits you for a well-deserved break! Come and enjoy a good glass of wine and meal while watching the concerts.

Bar Smirnoff

Come and discover our summer lemonades and express your zest at the Smirnoff bar!

Bar Terrasse Aperol Spritz

Stop by the Bar Terrasse Aperol Spritz to celebrate aperitivo hour! Enjoy an Aperol Spritz with your friends.

Bar à café Nextmilk

Take a 100% vegetal break at the Silk Nextmilk counter. Come try the newest Silk Nextmilk vegetal beverage in a iced coffee or paired with a cookie. The Silk Nextmilk beverage has the color, texture, and taste of cow milk, but is 100% plant based. It is a delicious combination of oat, soya, and coconut. Try it, our beverage will definitively surprise you…

Bar à vin Porto Cabral

Discover the world of Cabral wines and ports. Festival goers will have the opportunity to taste an exclusive range of ports and wines as well as try our delicious port sangria.

Important note: All food kiosks are now equipped with a payment terminal that accepts credit cards and debit cards. Cash will not be accepted on the festival site.