Five senses, one band

A unique evening creating the future!

The visual identity of the next edition of the Festival will be created… thanks to the movements of the audience and all the variations of your five senses, captured by motion/sound sensors.

Immediately after the Anderson .Paak concert, fans are invited to party with Montreal combo Busty and the Bass at 11:30 p.m. in L’Astral. Get ready for brass, ultra-funky grooves and buckets of contagious energy served up by one of the most exciting bands on the Montreal scene.

The dancing, vibrations, sounds, motion and sweat of the crowd will create the colours, forms and images of tomorrow’s Festival. The five senses of audience members will be connected to an extraordinary luminous installation: thanks to sensors installed in the venue, each step becomes an image, each bodily movement a spectre, each shout a vibration… everything recorded during the evening will feed the installation and help develop the visual identity of the 2018 Festival.

It’s a wild experience at the crossroads of design, technology and partying, conceived by Bleublancrouge in collaboration with the Festival team, Baillat Studio, Robocut studio, Serge Maheu and Maxime Damecour.

To attend, head to the L’Astral entrance at 11:30 p.m. or visit the Festival Facebook page for access to a contest for 50 winners.