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The Festival International de Jazz de Montréal offers an appetizing array of on-site food services sure to please even the most discerning palates. For a delectable meal among friends accompanied by a glass of wine, head to one of the Festival’s restaurant terraces. People looking to grab a quick bite before the next show can choose from one of the Festival’s many food kiosks. Sweet, salty or spicy – there’s a little something for every taste. Bon appétit!


Enjoy turkey drumsticks and super hamburgers served with our delicious fries. The menu also features refreshments, with or without alcohol. A terrace near the stage allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds of the Festival!

La Friterie

The best french fries in town! Also on the menu: poutine, smoked meat poutine, as well as fish and chips and shrimp rolls.

Waffle Kiosk

Delicious Belgian waffles, served plain or chocolate-coated, or in other available flavours.

Aux Vivres

Aux Vivres serves up fresh, creative and delicious vegan dishes with top-quality ingredients. Try our excellent wraps, Thai bowl and why not finish off with a Thai energy ball, all accompanied by homemade lemonade.

Mangues en fleur Kiosk

Come taste delicious mangos, expertly cut into flower shapes and served on a stick. And if you’re feeling daring, why not add some special Mexican spices to kick up the flavour?

Jérôme Ferrer Food Truck

The Festival is proud to welcome chef Jérôme Ferrer as he launches his first food truck initiative.


Porchetta is an Italian specialty. The menu features prochetta sandwiches, pulled pork sandwiches, homemade potatoes with lemon and rosemary or grilled cheese with bacon. St. Catherine St. near St. Urbain.

Pub Heineken

A dynamic new Pub layout: watch live concerts while dining on a smoked meat platter, Caesar salad with chicken or Bavarian sausage and sauerkraut, all accompanied by a cold Heineken beer.


Greek Mediterranean grill. You’ll fall for our delicious chicken or pork gyros and a menu that also features poutine with pork or chicken, as well as traditional Greek salad.

Hot dog carts

Super giant hot dogs, all beef or Oktoberfest sausages, that you can garnish as desired.

The SAQ bistros

In the SAQ bistros on the Place des Arts esplanade and on the Place des Festivals, enjoy delicious wines from the official Festival selection, fine cheeses, sandwiches, shrimp rolls and other local delights, all the while enjoying the performance action around you.

Amarula bar and terrace

On the menu: boozy milk shakes, cocktails and coffees, all livened up with Amarula liqueur.

Kiosque TD

Lemonades and flavoured lemonades await on the “Chemin de la Reine,” with a layout perfectly designed to max out your summer day enjoyment.

Café Jura

Enjoy the perfect closer to a meal or snack with an espresso, a cappuccino or an alcoholized coffee, hot or cold.

Porto Cabral Kiosk

Discover an exclusive range of ports and discover summer cocktails based on white port. They can also try our delicious sangria au porto.

Mexican Kiosk

Come taste real tacos, guacamole, quesadillas and other typical Mexican foods on the Promenade des Artistes on De Maisonneuve blvd.


Argentina is back to serve up top-quality grilled beef just the way they do it in Buenos Aires!


It’s back in the Club Jazz Casino de Montréal: a BBQ menu with delicious smoked ribs, as well as their famous briskets. Finger-lickin’ good.

Bagel St-Lo

One of the iconic elements of Montreal cuisine, the bagel gets jazzed up this year. On the menu: pulled pork bagels, Cajun chicken bagels, and for your sweet tooth, bread pudding with whisky and vanilla sauce.

Jerk chicken

Our exotic Caribbean cuisine features dishes including jerk chicken, braised pork, sauerkraut and poutine with jerk shrimp.


Fresh oysters, shucked on site, with mignonette sauce, accompanied by dry white wine or one of our refreshing cocktails. Utterly delicious!

Espace Turkish Airline

Join us on the terrace at the corner of Clark and St. Catherine and enjoy one of our Turkish specialties.

Mobile bike carts

Our bike carts offer cotton candy, fresh churros and delicious doughnuts! Look out for our treat-bearing tricycles all over the site–kids love them!

Fruits and candy Kiosk

Travel back to your childhood in our new Family Zone. On the menu: fruit cups, candy treats and popcorn.

Please note: all food carts are now equipped with a payment terminal accepting credit and debit cards.

We are proud to announce that 90 to 95% of the foods sold on the Festival site are purchased less than 40 km from their distribution site. In addition to encouraging local economies, these local purchases allow us to reduce the carbon emissions generated by transportation and market launch of foreign-sourced products.