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Trio Pianos et un saxophone : Frank Morgan avec Kenny Barron, Sir Roland Hanna et Barry Harris

A unique concert in Montreal : three pianos and a saxophone, and played by not just any musicians! Tickling the ivones: Kenny Barron, Roland Hanna and Barry Harris. On the sax: Frank Morgan. Morgan's return to the fore front of the jazz scene is one of the moti noteworthy events of the past decade. A fascinating concert is in store — duos, trios quartets - with an infinite variety of exchanges just for the fun of exploring the inexhaustible riches of the music. The reunion with Frank Morgan is an event in itself. Of all the pianists that accompanied Morgan on his last album, the Festival is presenting three this summer. Kenny Barron is justly considered the most brilliant accompanist in the world: Stan Getz insisted on having him at his side for his last album. As for Hanna and Harris, their accomplishments are on record as being of the highest musicianship. A great evening of pure acoustic sound.
In collaboration with CITÉ FM 107,3 FM and MIX 96
Les Grands Concerts Canadien International
Monday, July 6, 1992 at 6:00 PM
Théâtre Maisonneuve

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July 1992

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