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René Lussier


Le Trésor de la Langue

René Lussier
In 1989, guitar player René Lussier created Le trésor de la langue ("The Treasure of Language"). A production of the Musée d'Art contemporain in collaboration with the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal. Original. daring, Le trésor de la langue paints a portrait in sound of Quebec's linguistic situation. With cleverly used sound tracks, the Montreal musician has given the floor over to several personalities of the French-speaking world and has dubbed their speeches with music. A meticulous creation adapted for performance on stage, Lussier has added a theatrical element by replacing the interviews with the voices of several singers. Among them is Richard Desjardins whose compositions and energy have had Quebeckers flocking to see his concerts for the part couple of years. René Lussier and his musicians invite you to attend a very particular history tesson enhanced by the original contribution of contemporary music. 

J. Derome (flute, synthesizer, saxophone)
A. Trudel (trombone)
P. Tanguay (drums)
J.-F. Martel (bass)
Ostertag (sampler)
R. Lussier (guitar)
R. Desjardins (vocals, piano)
in collaboration with MIX 96
Hors Série
Thursday, July 2, 1992 at 8:00 PM
Salle Multimédia du MCAM

Friday, July 3, 1992 at 8:00 PM
Salle Multimédia du MCAM

Saturday, July 4, 1992 at 8:00 PM
Salle Multimédia du MCAM

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July 1992

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