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Jean Derome , Ornette Coleman , René Lussier


Ornette Coleman and Prime Time

featuring Jean Derome / René Lussier

Jazz historians cite the names of John Coltane and Omette Coleman as the two figures who most profoundly influenced the jazz of the '60's and '70's. Coleman is the initiator of "free jazz", which despite early resistance revolutionized the approach of the entire generation of musicians to follow. Several of the innovative instrumentalist-composers-band leaders who were the most directly affected by the Coleman revelation will also be performing with their groups at the Festival: Charlie Haden, Jack De Johnette, Pat Metheny and Ronald Shannon Jackson. ln addition to developing his talents as a versatile instrumentalist and important composer for groups ranging from trios to full-size orchestras, Coleman went on to refine his concept of spontaneous group composition into the theory of "harmolodics", forming 'Prime Time" in 1975 as its primary vehicle. The group, which includes Omette's son Denardo, combines ail of the elements of jazz, rock, funk and ethnic influences into pieces composed and performed according to Coleman's totally uncompromising and expansive improvizational method. Their concert in Montreal will be a rare opportunity to see the inexhaustible imagination of the very great Omette Coleman at work. The Coleman show will be opened by two Quebec artists, Jean Derome and René Lussier, whose last joint effort on the "Le retour des Granules" album drew a renewed round of applause from critics and fans of music that dares to be different. The performance of these two young musicians on the Omette Coleman program will undoubtedly confirm the reputation they have begun to acquire beyond our borders.

Omette Coleman (saxophone)
Denardo Coleman (drums)
Calvin Westin (drums)
Bern Nix (guitar)
Charlie Ellerbe (guitar)
Al McDowell (bass)
Chris Walker (bass)

Les Grands Concerts Air Canada
Wednesday, July 6, 1988 at 6:30 PM
Théâtre St-Denis

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July 1988

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