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Zïlon Exhibition

Zïlon The Galerie Lounge TD is proud to present works on canvas and paper by painter and urban artist Zïlon, created especially to launch the autumn season in the Galerie.

Moving from concrete walls to canvas, from spray cans to brushes, Zïlon presents Jazz noir. Conceived as a mock-up of a temporary film noir, the exhibition presents portraits of imaginary figures inspired by jazz and blues, drawn and painted like the songs of fallen divas from a forgotten club, lost in the alleyways of a cold city, like nameless silhouettes in the shadows of a bar perfumed by cigarette smoke and whisky.

In the late '70s, under cover of the night, Zïlon was one of the first artists to adorn the darkened and dilapidated walls of our city with immense temporary works coming straight out of underground culture—striking, electrifying and magnetic graffiti murals, faces with raw, lifelike expressions seeming to defy the unknown, linear and androgynous figures questioning fate itself.

Zïlon is a complete artist, with a creative genius that is often sought out for set design, posters, performance en direct, videos, music… He works in such varied milieu as theatre, haute couture, comics/graphic novels and TV. Since 1983, he has mounted an increasing number of exhibitions of his works in Canada as well as abroad. His pieces are now included in some of the most prestigious public and private collections.

In 2005, the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal acquired one of the artist's works and produced a collector's item silkscreen in a limited run of 150 copies, available from the Galerie.

Zïlon's websites:
www.zilonvillefroide.com (French)


Buy Spirit by Zïlon (2007),
a limited edition silkscreen print,
numbered and signed by the artist.