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Yves Archambault Exhibition

“A poster is the toot of a car horn in the street, a flash of colour, a sign or signal
that spontaneously elicits enthusiasm, surprise or feeling.”
–Yves Archambault

Yves Archambault The Festival International de Jazz de Montréal and the Galerie Lounge TD celebrate 25 years of creative collaboration with posterist and artist Yves Archambault. Such longevity, remarkable in a contemporary world of perpetual change, is the result of a genuine bond of loyalty and trust.

Gifted with immense talents as a draughtsman and painter and driven by a fierce desire to explore new techniques and subjects, Yves Archambault has woven musical rhythm into the posters he has created for the Festival, giving the event an ever-evolving but nonetheless immediately recognizable visual signature for a quarter century. He has made an exceptional contribution to the visual identity of the Festival.

“To draw is to build a bridge between the mind and the heart.”
–Yves Archambault

Yves Archambault Yves Archambault never had to ask himself what he would do with his life, knowing as he did that his work and career would be intimately linked to drawing. No surprise, then, that after studies in fi ne arts and graphic advertising, he was hired as a graphic artist by L’Équipe Spectra in 1986. Two years later, he became “artist in residence” of the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, creating its official posters. He is also responsible for all drawings and designs reproduced in site décor, as well as on Festival merchandise. In 1992, he created Ste-Cat, since become the Festival’s faithful companion and good luck charm. A cheerful little cat, “a free electron leaping onto a musical stave, but always landing back on its feet, in the chorus”, says its creator. Since the 1996 opening of the Galerie du Festival on the site, his posters have been reproduced as silkscreens, and Yves Archambault has annually imagined and created a corpus of original works for each edition of the Festival. His rangy characters, elegant arabesques and evanescent chiaroscuro have charmed an impressive number of collectors from all over the world.

Les yeux qui dansent, represents all the starryeyed dreamers out there in the music-listening audience! For Yves Archambault, music is an inspiration… Drawing is as natural as breathing… And imagination is his kingdom! It’s music to your… eyes!

Yves Archambault “One can hear one’s heartbeat under water…
and yes, the fluid media of water and ink are my favourites.”
–Yves Archambault

The artist has long chosen fluid media for his paintings; his favourite is ink. On paper or wood, he plays with darkness and limpidity, with a chiaroscuro that invokes the contrast between light and shadow characteristic to live venues. Having experienced the metamorphosis of graphic techniques, from analog to digital, the artist now works and creates in an endless to-and-fro between the drafting table and computer: he scans, enlarges, transforms colours, superimposes, to finally draw forth an image created of ink and pixels.