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Richard Séguin - Silkscreen prints

The 33rd edition of the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal is proud to present Riff de Guit, a piece by Richard Séguin reproduced as a limited-edition silkscreen, numbered and signed, available at the Galerie Lounge TD.

Renowned as a peerlessly talented singer-songwriter and performer, Richard Séguin is one of those artists whose work reaches the soul and spans eras. Moving skillfully between music and visual arts, his poetry crosses all boundaries.

"I love the process that leads to the simple and recurrent pleasure of seeing the image appear on paper, the image and its world, the image and its movements between thoughts, dreams, will and the unexpected… Slowly, the engraving is created in silence," he explains.

Thus, Richard Séguin serenely approaches his art in the calm of his workshop, where each of the assembled details necessary to the creation of the print allows him to slow time down. The artist does not seek out inspiration specific to his works: his inspiration may be found in Amerindian sources, or pulled from a childhood memory, or even the motifs of one of his songs. He hews only to this recurrent reference: "The emblem of the celestial dome appears over an ever-present road."

Richard Séguin first undertook wood engraving with Yvan Lessard, member of Xylon – Société internationale des graveurs sur bois, in 1993. He subsequently pursued his artistic research in Atelier Daumier, Ateliers Aubergine and finally, Atelier Circulaire. He thereby discovered carborundum engraving, a technique that approaches painting and allows the artist to integrate different materials into the print, bringing it a greater variety of textures. Richard Séguin's works have been exhibited in the Atelier Circulaire and the Musée régional de Vaudreuil-Soulanges, among other venues.