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permanent collection

Collection of signed works
by suchrenowned artists as

Yves Archambault – Frédéric Back – Marcel Barbeau
Tony Bennett – Corno – Miles Davis – Lhasa de Sela
Diane Dufresne – Robert LaPalme – Serge Lemoyne
Francis X. Pavy – Alfred Pellan – Jean‑Paul Riopelle
Richard Séguin – Miyuki Tanobe – Tshi
Armand Vaillancourt – Zïlon


Yves Archambault

Posterist and illustrator Yves Archambault has created the official posters for the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal for over 20 years. Gifted with an immense talent that never ceases to amaze collectors, our artist in residence produces original artworks glowing with visual poetry. [More…]


Corno's art is passionate, edgy and urban. The raw energy of New York City where she has been thriving for the past 18 years pulsates vibrantly in her canvases. Her subject matter is the human body built on contrasts, dichotomies, and unresolved contradictions. [More…]

Miles Davis

Miles Davis (1926-1991) was as masterful with brush and canvas as he was on a stage with a trumpet. His paintings are as rich, original and brimming with cadence as his music. [More…]

Jean-Paul Riopelle

Jean-Paul Riopelle (1923-2002) is one of a handful of Canadian painters to gain recognition on an international level. A man of oversized appetites, an intrepid traveler and lover of nature, his immense body of work occupies an important place in the history of art in Quebec, Canada and the entire world. [More…]



Tshi (1965-2013) is internationally renowned for his portraits of musical performers and his features in the cultural press. He has won numerous prizes, including two National Magazine Awards and one Félix. In 1999, he had the privilege of meeting and photographing Oscar Peterson at his home in Mississauga. [More…]

Armand Vaillancourt

Gifted with spectacular creativity and powered by inexhaustible energy, he has spent 50 years sculpting, painting and performing, and is distinguished by the innovation and daring of his work. [More…]

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