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Welcome at la Maison du Festival

A flagship attraction in the Quartier des spectacles and a genuine home of jazz culture, the Maison du Festival was inaugurated within the Blumenthal Building, a century-old monument in the downtown core ceded to the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal for 30 years by the Government of Québec. It is a peerless jazz showcase boasting an array of activities to delight music fans all year long: the Bell Exhibition of the Legends of the Festival, and its artifacts that bear witness to the Festival’s history; the Balmoral bistro-jazz club and its delicious French-inspired cuisine; the Médiathèque Jazz/La Presse+, a documentation centre devoted to jazz; the Galerie Lounge TD with its exclusive exhibitions and permanent collection; and the popular live venue L’Astral.

Maison du Festival