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  • Soup of the day $6
  • Green salad $6
  • Lac Brome duck filet gravlax with wild ginger, Banyuls vinegar and peppery green alder sauce Québec $14
  • Marinated scallops and nordic prawns, creamy loabster sauce
    and monarda flower, served in an orange Canada
  • Angus beef tataki infused with whisky, herb salad with roasted sesame seeds
    and maple dressing Québec
  • Chicken liver flaky pastry, Port and tarragon sauce Québec $13
  • Atlantic salmon gravlax, arugula and tobiko $13
  • Fried calamari with lemon mayonnaise $12
  • Cheese platter Québec $10
  • Cold cut platter $14
    • Terrine of the day Québec
    • Quebec turkey rillette Québec
    • Bayonne ham
    • Sausage of the day Québec
Main Courses
  • Osso-buco of elk, cedar jelly sauce emulsified with roasted pine nuts butter,
    grilled sliced vegetables and sweet potatoes Québec
  • Grilled veal filet, foie gras and five spices sauce, tomate Provençale
    and green beans, creamy pearl barley with privilege cheese Québec
  • Confit of Standsted rabbit leg, blueberry and dried valeriana roots sauce, bell potatoes
    and roots vegetables braised in a salted herbs bouillon Québec
  • Duck ravioli, creamy garlic flower and goat cheese sauce
    (also offered in a vegetarian version with porcini mushrooms) Québec
  • Chicken supreme stuffed with boletus, dried tomatoes and smoked gendarme sausage,
    red currant sauce, Saint-Germain potato purée Québec
  • Braised pork shoulder roast, Labrador tea and hibiscus infused sauce,
    potato gratin and rainbow carrots Québec
  • Pan-seared salmon with dried burdock roots, quinoa with ratatouille and green beans,
    Florentine sauce with truffle oil Canada Oceanwise
  • Pan-seared walleye with a green pepper and lime sauce,
    green lentils with marinated vegetables and patty pans Canada Oceanwise
  • Classic beef tartare, fries and salad Québec $24
  • Veal meatloaf sandwich with traditional smokehouse bacon and tomato confit, fries and salad Québec $17
  • Dijonnaise duck burger with old cheddar cheese on fig bread,
    fries and salad
  • Quinoa, lentils and silken tofu veggie burger, grilled vegetables and Cantonnier cheese,
    fries and salad Québec
  • Smoked salmon salad with mesclun, fingerling potatoes, radish, green beans,
    yogurt and caper vinaigrette Québec Oceanwise
  • Angus beef tataki salad infused with whisky, mesclun, roasted sesame seeds,
    maple vinaigrette Québec
  • Daily grill special ---
  • Balmoral au chocolat$9
  • Crème brûlée$4
  • Sorbet$5

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Le Balmoral is a non-profit restaurant.
All profits finance the free activities presented at La Maison du Festival Rio Tinto Alcan.