Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

Reservations: 514 288-5992

  • Soup of the day $6.00
  • Green salad with cherry tomatoes, shaved parmesan and homemade croutons,
    balsamic and orange vinaigrette
  • Côte-Nord Stimpson's surf clam chowder Québec$7.50
  • Our Caesar salad with homemade dressing and pancetta chip $7.00
  • Quinoa, feta and cashew salad with layered grilled vegetables and spicy tomato coulis $9.00
  • Smoked trout and mackerel rillettes with creamy goat cheese,
    microgreens and mango pulp vinaigrette Canada
  • Prawn, whelk and mussel martini with honeyed root vegetables, capers and chives Québec $8.00
  • Atlantic salmon, dill and aniseed gravlax, with arugula and tobiko Canada $13.00
  • Fried calamari with fresh lemon and chipotle mayonnaise $12.50
  • Whisky infused Angus beef tataki, herb salad with toasted sesame seeds and maple vinaigrette Canada $15.50
  • Quebec cheese board with toasted baguette and salad Québec $10.50
  • Quebec artisanal charcuterie platter from “Les Cochonnailles” and “Les Cochons tout ronds”
    with onion confit and sides Québec
Main Courses
  • Tartiflette with Fromagerie Médard’s 14 Arpents cheese, winter mesclun with extra fine
    green beans Québec
  • Quebec veal medallion and slow-cooked veal cheek in locally sourced chanterelle sauce Québec $24.00
  • Lamb shank, salted 4 hours, in its strong beer reduction with parsnip purée and white beans Canada $22.00
  • Crispy skinned duck leg confit with vegetables cooked in tarragon chicken stock Québec $21.00
  • Braised rack of piglet with wild alder catkins and fir jelly from Natashquan, parsnip purée Québec $23.00
  • Guinea fowl leg, shallot and white wine pork sausage confit, Meaux mustard
    and sea buckthorn sauce Québec
  • Pan-seared salmon filet, gaspesian sauce with wild boar bacon, Alberta Prairie rice Canada $22.00
  • Pan-seared arctic char and u10 scallop with dune pepper,pineapple, cardamom
    and cilantro chutney, smoked salt Canada
  • Sun-dried tomato and goat cheese medaglioni, homemade pesto, organic garlic flowers from
    “Les Jardins de Sophie”, leeks and portobello mushrooms Québec
  • AAA beef flank steak marinated 24hrs in balsamic and maple syrup, reduced cooking juice,
    cipollini, fries and salad Canada
  • AAA beef burger with foie gras, fromagerie Lehmann’s Valbert cheese, tomato, lettuce
    and dijonnaise on nigella bread, sweet potato fries and saladCanada
    (Vegetarian version also available with a quinoa, tofu and lentil patty)$17.50
  • Classic beef tartare with fries and salad Canada $22.00
  • Smoked salmon salad with fleur de sel, mesclun, fingerling potatoes, radishes, extra fine
    green beans, yogurt and caper vinaigrette Québec
  • Whisky infused Angus beef tataki salad with mesclun, radishes, extra fine green beans,
    carrots, fried leeks, toasted sesame seeds and maple vinaigrette Canada
  • Artisanal sorbet of the moment from Chocolat Privilège Québec$6.50
  • Honey and Fine Caroline apple liqueur crème brûlée Québec$8.00
  • Trompe l’œil chocolate saucisson/with Québec fine liqueur Québec $7.00/$11.00
  • Cheesecake with red berry coulis $7.50
  • Frozen nougat with Brazil nuts and candied ginger, mango and pineapple$6.50
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Le Balmoral is a non-profit restaurant.
All profits finance the free activities presented at La Maison du Festival Rio Tinto Alcan.