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Beth Tepper ’s Festival story

Beth Tepper

History of Jazz and a series of firsts!
Beth Tepper (Short Hills, NJ USA)

In July, 2009 I brought my son Dean to Montreal for the first time. He had recently graduated from high school and was excited for his trip and though he is a talented guitarist, he had no interest in Jazz music, culture or history. I brought him each day to a variety of performances at the Festival de Jazz de Montreal from blues at the "Lotto Quebec" stage to John Butler at Club Soda to Miles: Kind of Blue at theater Jeanne-Duceppe.

Dean enjoyed the trip immensely and returned home with a new energy toward his music, an appreciation of Jazz and it's many forms and an excitement to return to Montreal that I had hoped the festival would spark.

He enrolled for his first semester in college at Binghamton University where he immediately changed his schedule to incorporate aclass in the music department "The history of Jazz in America".

A new Jazz fan with a thirst for the music, a keen desire to adapt his personal style of musicianship and a the desire to return to the Festival de Jazz de Montreal!

Thank you for the phenomenal presentation of Jazz music in the most professional, colorful and engaging festival I can recall seeing anywhere. And thank you for helping me to broaden my son's horizons.

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