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Adrián Peña ’s Festival story

Adrián Peña

The quest of an almost impossible interview
Adrián Peña (Mexico City)

The quest began here in Mexico a month before the Festival began. By pure intuitition I decided to try if I could get an interview for Alice Russell for the magazine I´m writing for. I´m a huge devote for her work, so this was a perfect opportunity for both a personal and professional aspect. She kindly accepted and the meeting was set at 2 o'clock on July 2nd.

Voice recorder on hand, paper and camera I walked that day to her hotel within a rush, I entered the lobby and before asking for her I realized it was 3:10.. I hadn't changed my watch from Mexico Time!!! I felt really stupid, but I insisted on the hotel's desk to call Alice's manager, to whom I talked and after apologizing (the single issue of mexican vs british punctuality seem hard enough at that time) she told me I could get 15 minutes after the show that same night. I felt reliefed for the near missed chance.

On the Bell scenario, I enjoyed so much Alice’s presentation, full of energy and for sure, her great voice. Rain came down, but no one moved. The show finished with lots of applauses, and the I stood by the stage’s exist waiting for her manager. Couple of minutes later her manager showed up with bad news, because an autograph session was planned 10 minutes ahead. I think my sad face helped her tell me to call next day by midday to see if Alice had time. I went to bed a bit disappointed.

Next day, near noon I approached the hotel to leave aside any telephone problems. I reached the lobby but as soon as I asked for the manager, the lady on the desk told me she had to leave earlier. At that point I felt anything won't go ahead and felt frustrated. I sat down on the lobby’s couch as my girlfriend tried to relief me. We stayed there for about 10 minutes when I realized all the band and Alice herself reached the floor to leave luggage to check out. I stood up and introduced myself with her. She remembered that planned interview and felt a bit ashamed of what had happened. Doubtful I asked her if she still had time for the interview, to which she answered "No, but me and the band are having breakfast, would you like to join us?" My face enlightened and felt I had the chance again to talk with one of my favourite artists.

From that point on, and sitting on the Café Imagination just a block away, I had the opportunity to discover Alice, the artist, but also the sensible human. I left aside all notes, just put the voice recorder on the table and for my fortune, I had one of my best breakfasts of my life chatting about music, life, food with this great artist. Long live Montreal !

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