Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

Kevin ’s Festival story


I am missing only my 4th Festival in 29 years!

Kevin (Chicago)

Hello from Chicago. I went to my first Festival in 1981. I've only missed 4 festivals since then, inlcuding this year, due to work constraints.

I have Festival memories by the dozen. Last year, 2008, my wife and I attended 73 free concerts in the course of our week at the Festival.

We still remember the old days on St-Denis St. the crowds, the music!

Memories from St. Denis St:
- Standing just a few feet from Zoot Sims (how many of you know who he is, one of the great saxophonists)
- The old saxophone t-shirts (don't have mine anymore)
- discovering Denis Frechette Ad LIb, a great local salsa group. Later, Denis became a member of Quebec grouop La bottine sourante
- marching down St. Denis St. with Dixieband, and their unofficial percussionist with t he huge Santa Claus beard

Other memories:
-Pat Metheny
-Lionel Hampton
-Our local favorite, Stephen Barry
-Another local favorite, Guy Nadon

World Beat Music:

Montreal introduced us to African Music, in particular West African soukous. among our favorites:
-Kanda Bongo Man

And who can forget Johnny Clegg (we saw both of his concerts, inlcuding the 25 th anniversary with Ladysmith Black Mambazo)

-Lorraine Klassen, our first lesson in township jive.

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