Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

Marco ’s Festival story


My first Festival of Jazz
Marco (Montreal)

My story is about my very first festival in 2002. I asked my dad on the 27 of June in the afternoon I aked him "Hey dad where are we going today?" He Said "At the jazz festival" After I am like ohhhhh we went to the festival. I was hearing some wonderful music, going around the site and listening to some blues, jazz and bigbands. My favvorite site was the Scene Labatt Blues, Carrefour GM, Scene Du Maurier and other. At the end I told my dad that, that was the best festival of my LIFE!!!!!!!! My dad has been to the festival since 1982 and always loved it, and from 2002 I was going every year and keep on loving it!

THE END!!!!!

P.S.: Happy 30 anniversary to the jazz festival in Montreal!!!!!!

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