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Annis Karpenko ’s Festival story

Annis Karpenko

Thanks to André Ménard
Annis Karpenko (Canton de Hatley)

After a long week, my husband and I were looking forward to seeing Boz Scaggs on night one of the Jazz Festival. Strolling through Place des Arts enroute to the concert, we suddenly read in the program that the concert started not at 8 p.m. as we had thought but at 18:00 (6) and it was now 7 p.m. We raced over to the theatre and arrived out of breath and scattered. A kind gentleman passing us on the staircase asked what had happened. When we explained our silliness, he commiserated with us knowing we would only catch the last 15 minutes of Boz Scaggs concert. But then he asked, "Do you like Lionel Richie?" We answered yes, not sure what the question meant. "Wait here," he said and then he dashed off, returning in a few moments with two tickets to Lionel's concert. - "I am too busy to use them tonight," he said. "Enjoy the show". We could not believe our good fortune and we had wonderful seats to an amazing concert. We sang, we danced, we laughed along with the adoring audience and at the end of the night it was like an angel had smiled on us. Only when we read today's New York Times newspaper did we realize that our guardian angel was none other than artistic director André Ménard. In the middle of his crazy schedule and enormous workload, he went out of his way to ensure that two complete strangers with a bad sense of 24-hour-time had another fabulous night at the Montreal Jazz Festival. Merci André! See you in 2011!
Annis & Steve Karpenko
3349 Capelton Road
Canton de Hatley, QC J0B 2C0

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