Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

Vicky ’s Festival story


My Unforgetable Day at the Jazz 2010
Vicky (Montreal)

What a day I had at the Jazz Festival.Not only did I enjoy the outdoor free jazz entertainment plus the atmosphere but the highlight for me was seeing Nikki Yanofsky perform at Theatre Maisonneuve. Having first seen her at an outdoor free jazz performance about five years,she completely amazed me with her talented voice and singing and more so now. she sang non-stop with many of my favorite songs recorded on her Cd-that I bought- Cool my heels--God bess the child--and her rendition of Over the rainbow(my favorite) got applause and standing ovation from the packed filled theatre.Her final song --I believe-was superbely interpreted and to say Nikki is only 16 years of age--An uprising star!!

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