Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

Wynnie ’s Festival story


My Jazzy Friend Vince
Wynnie (Montreal)

I still remember knowing Vince before I heard him play. He's a very witty and outgoing guy. One day he invites me to see him play at the Montreal Jazz Fest.

My first reaction is, "Really? Is this for real?"

I always thought he played the sax for leisure, not in front of hundreds of people!

His band, The Certified Organic Jazz Quartet, was very refreshing and had me humming one of Vince's compilations (Saturday Morning Anime) for days.

I'm very grateful that the festival gives lesser known artists the chance to share their love for the music. Because as nervous as he told me he was before the show, Vince had the time of his life!

I saw people dancing around me to their sound and people stopping to listen. In the end, the crowd had grown twice as big as at the beginning of the outdoor concert.

Everyone applauded after the show. And I'm always looking forward to seeing them play again, in lounges and clubs.

That day, I became a fan.

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