Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

Marco ’s Festival story


Remember theese posters....p2

Marco (Montreal)

Remember theese posters....p2

Remember 1985, When Miles Davis came to the Theatre St- Denis, There was even Tony Benett and Mel Tormé. Even the festival Grows with more stages, and shows.

Remember theese posters....p2

Remember 1991, When the festival had Cab calloway, Dave Brubeck, Stéphanne Grapelli, and many more.In 1991 it was always sunny and more famous jazz artist`s came

Remember theese posters....p2

Remember 1993, When Yves Archambault created the jazz festival`s mascot St-Cat,There was even Ginette Reno, DeeDee Brigewater, Herbee Hancock trio and many more..

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