Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

Marco ’s Festival story


Posters you might remember........

Marco (Montreal)

Posters you might remember........

Remember the poster 1989, Wher the festival was using place des arts, Rue St-Denis and Mcgill college avenue for Pat Metheny concert. This poster designed by Yves Archambault and has still been The poster guy for the festival who created St-Cat

Posters you might remember........

Poster 1988: that was the year the Miles Davis last appearance at the festival and on the poster you might see a drawing on a piece of canvass says "you and I--Miles", There was even Johnny Cleg and the Savukas playing and It was Really magical.

Posters you might remember........

Poster 1990: thats the year they had Celia Cruz, and used only the side of Place des Arts. Sponsored By Alcan, and labatt Bleue.Thats even when Oliver Jones won the Oscar Peterson Award. And was Really Amazing That Year.

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