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Sandra Nkaké

Sandra Nkaké

1973 -

Origin: France / Cameroon

Main instrument: Vocal

Genres: Jazz, R&B/Soul/Funk

Songwriter, singer and actress Sandra Nkaké has forged her identity between France and Cameroon. Influenced by film, literature and music, she made her debut as a singer-actress in shows blending theatre, music, film, and stage musicals. Moving further towards music, she drew her inspiration from collaborations with such luminaries as Jacques Higelin, Rodolphe Burger, the Orchestre National de Jazz and her own group project PUSH UP!—finally releasing her folk/blues-infused debut solo album, Mansaadi, in 2008. After three years of touring France, Central Africa, Mexico and Brazil, she released Nothing for Granted (2012), an album of songs with a retro-futurist ambience navigating between soul, pop rock and soundtrack music, winner of Révélation instrumentale française de l’année (Frank Ténot Award) at France’s 2012 Victoires du jazz Awards.



  • Sandra Nkaké (2014-07-02) Scène Bell

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