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Septeto Nacional Ignacio Piñeiro

Origin: Cuba

Genre: Latin

Cuba's Septeto Nacional was created in 1927 by Ignacio Piñeiro. With various sextets at the time playing Cuba's traditional son, a mix of African rhythms and Spanish songs, Piñeiro innovated and added a seventh instrument, the trumpet, as lead, resulting in what is now considered the basis of salsa music. The group made waves around the world, playing the Ibero American Fair in Seville in 1929, and their last American show at the Chicago World Fair in 1933. While they were revolutionizing Cuban music, financial problems led to the group's demise in 1937, with sporadic returns until their comeback after the Revolution of 1959. Since Piñeiro's death in 1969, the orchestra has gone through three generations of musicians, and recorded several albums, up to 2009's Desafiando al Destino and 2010's Sin Rumba No Hay Son.


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