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Billy's Band

Origin: Russia

Genres: Jazz, Rock

St-Petersburg-based quartet Billy's Band was formed in 1999, by bassist Billy Novik, guitarist Andrey Reznikov and bayan player Anton Matezius. Originally named The Billy Dilly's Band after a character in the 1959 song Stagger Lee, the group started out as a covers band, with a repertoire ranging from American hits of the 1960s to Tom Waits songs. Fronted by Novik, the group soon took advantage of the singer's scratchy vocals to focus on a more creative direction. After several small tours of Germany and Russia, the group released a first album, The Parisian Seasons in 2002 and was renamed Billy's Band after being reduced to a trio shortly after. Now a Tom Waits-inspired jazz quartet, with members Andrey Ryzhik on guitar, Anton Matezius on percussions and Mikhail Zydkih on saxophone, The Billy's Band released Flea Market, in 2010.

2010 Billy’s Band Friday, June 25, 2010 at 8 p.m.
Scène Rio Tinto Alcan

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