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Origin: Quebec, Canada

Genre: Latin

Brainchild of Montréal-based Latin artist Tomas Jensen, Hombre melds electronic beats with Tropicalia rhythms and hints of multi-cultural influences from all over the world. Born in Argentina in 1970, Tomas Jensen sought refuge in Europe with his parents as a child, and later moved to Quebec, where he established himself as a popular singer-songwriter and social activist, namely for Greenpeace. Jensen's lyrics are sometimes political, sometimes socially-conscious, but always tackled with a smile and supported by a festive musical backdrop. Band members include François Richard (bass, keyboards), Martin Lizotte (keyboards), Margot Czapracki (vocals), Maxime Audet-Halde (guitar), and Benjamin Vigneault (drums). With songs in French, Spanish and Portuguese, Hombre released Hay que subir in 2010.


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