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Burkina Electric

Origin: Burkina Faso

Genres: Electronica, World

Afro-electro combo Burkina Electric is Burkina Faso's first electro band. With two prominent members originating from Germany and New York City, veteran Der Plan founder Pyrolator, and avant-garde drummer Lukas Ligeti respectively, the group also includes Ouagadougou-based vocalist Maï Lingani, guitarist Wende K. Blass, and two dancers, Vicky and Zoko Zoko. This surprising combination of backgrounds and influences is at the core of the group's unique fusion of contemporary electro with traditional Burkina Faso rhythms, as well as experimental creations of new tribal sounds. Initially formed as a one-off project to tour only in Austria, the group eventually stayed together and released two albums, 2007's Rêem Tektré and 2010's Paspanga.

2010 Burkina Electric Friday, June 25, 2010 at 8 p.m.
Scène Bell

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