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Victor Démé

Origin: Burkina Faso

Main instrument: Vocal

Genre: World

Victor Démé learned to sing from his mother growing up in Ouagadougou, while his father taught him the longstanding family tradition of tailoring, a craft Démé still practices today. During his youth, Démé moved to the Ivory Coast and joined the Super Mandé Orchestra. In 1987, the young musician returned to Burkina Faso, inspired by the changing political climate and survived by singing hits of the day in various clubs. In 2005, the singer met Camille Louvel, who allowed him to sing his own material in his club, the Ouagajungle. Two years later, Chapa Blues Records was created for the sole purpose of recording Démé's first album. The album was an instant international sensation. He has since toured the world and released a second acclaimed album in 2010, Deli.



  • Victor Démé - 2010 Concert

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