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Maânouche Swing Quintet

Origin: Quebec, Canada

Genres: Manouche jazz (Gypsy jazz), Swing

Fronted by Gypsy jazz guitarist Lou Boustani, Montréal's Maânouche Swing was formed in 2003. A regular of the city's jazz clubs, the group featured various musicians before the addition of guitarist Damien Levasseur. In 2008, Maânouche Swing recorded its first album, the acclaimed Django in Montréal. Founder of the École de jazz manouche de Montréal - the first school of its kind in North America -, Lou Boustani decided to innovate and add a brass section to the group. With new members Ivanhoe Jolicoeur (trumpet), Samuel Blais (saxophone), and Simon Pagé (bass), the Maânouche Swing Quintet was born. Blending traditional Gypsy jazz with a contemporary touch, Montreal Jazz-Up came out in 2010.



  • Maânouche Swing Quintet - 2010 Concert

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