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Matthieu Boré

1971 -

Origin: France

Main instrument: Vocal

Genre: Jazz

French pianist, jazz vocalist and songwriter Matthieu Boré grew up surrounded by music and the arts, going as far back as an opera singing great grand-father. At age 7, Boré took his first piano lessons, and sang in various punk and trip hop outfits during the 1990s, before pursuing his love of vintage jazz music. In early 2000, the young pianist started playing the Parisian jazz club circuit and a year later, released an entire album of Fats Domino covers. In keeping with his fascination for 1950s R&B and R&B music, he issued Doo Wop (2003) and Sometimes on My Own (2007), the latter inspired by his idols Irvin Berlin, Hoagy Carmichael and Gershwin. 2009 saw the release of FriZZante!, an album featuring a mixture of covers and Boré originals, with full orchestra.



  • Matthieu Boré - 2010 Concert
  • Matthieu Boré- Interview  (French only)

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