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Susanna and the Magical Orchestra

Origin: Norway

Genres: Electro-jazz, Pop

Norwegian duo Susanna & the Magical Orchestra are singer Susanna Wallumrød and keyboardist Morten Qvenild. Performing together since 2000, the pair gained worldwide attention in 2004 with the release of their debut album, List of Lights and Buoys. Featuring all covers of pop songs, the duo's deconstructed but heartfelt electro-jazz renditions of classics such as Joy Division's Love Will Tear us Apart or Dolly Parton's Jolene propelled them to international status, performing on stages around the world, and with songs featured on American primetime television dramas. After a sophomore album of more popular covers, namely from Prince and Leonard Cohen, the pair released 3 in 2009, a long-awaited third album of original compositions.

2010 Susanna and her Magical Orchestra Monday, June 28, 2010 at 9 p.m.
L'Astral (Maison du Festival Rio Tinto Alcan)

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