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Bobby Bazini

Bobby Bazini

Origin: Quebec, Canada

Main instrument: Acoustic guitar/electric guitar

Genres: Pop, R&B/Soul/Funk

Born in Mont-Laurier, Canada, to a family of country musicians, Bobby Bazini was naturally encouraged during his childhood to sing and play guitar by his parents. Going through his grandmother's record collection as a young teenager, his life was turned around when he discovered Johnny Cash, who would become his most important musical influence. Pushed by a radio station DJ in his hometown, Bazini's soulful voice and songs soon impressed major players in the music industry, landing him a record deal, invitations to perform at festivals worldwide and on the set of prestigious French music television show Taratata. His first single I Wonder received major airplay throughout Canadian radio stations, and his first album, Better in Time, was released in 2009 to great acclaim.


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