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Yamandu Costa

1980 -

Origin: Brazil

Main instrument: Acoustic guitar/electric guitar

Genres: Jazz, Latin

Guitar player, composer and arranger, Yamandu Costa was born in Passo Fundo, Brazil. His father, a musician and band leader, taught him the guitar at the age of 7 and introduced him to the folk music of Brazil and Argentina. He later mastered his seven-string guitar under Argentinean legend Lúcio Yanel. At 15, Costa discovered contemporary Brazilian musicians such as Radamés Gnatalli, Tom Jobim and Baden Powell, and played his first Circuito (Cultural Tour) in São Paulo at 17. This tour set Costa's reputation in stone as one of Brazil's most gifted guitar players, launching a revival of Brazilian guitar music in the country. In 2005, Costa was featured in the Brazilian music documentary film Brasileirinho.  His album Mafua was released in 2008.



  • Yamandu Costa - 2010 Concert

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