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Susana Baca

Susana Baca

1954 -

Origin: Peru

Main instrument: Vocal

Genre: Latin

Susana Baca was born in Chorrillos, a barrio of Lima, to a musical family. In her younger days, she took part in an experimental project mixing poetry and music. The singer was soon noticed by famed Peruvian vocalist Chabuca Granda, who became her mentor. Delicate and soulful, Baca's voice has been showcased on a string of albums mixing traditional and contemporary influences. In 2002, her Lamento Negro CD won the Grammy for Best Folk Album. In 2009, the songstress released Seis Poemas, an EP featuring three songs made popular by Chabuca Granda. Aiming to build a bridge between the cultures of Black Peruvians and their ancestors, Baca has founded the Negrocontinuo Institute with her husband, musicologist Ricardo Pereyra.


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