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Zeb Heintz

1971 -

Origin: France

Main instrument: Acoustic guitar/electric guitar

Genres: Blues, Swing

At age 14, Sébastien "Zeb" Heintz started playing the guitar. Two years later, he was already performing in clubs around his native Strasbourg. He absorbed blues guitar techniques such as picking and slide, along with harmony improvisation, while studying at the Centre Musical Créatif de Nancy. In 1996, Heintz moved to Boston to record his debut album, Talkin' to Your Soul, under the newly formed Zeb and the Blues Machine. Another album and two-year touring period later, he joined Doo the Doo in 1998. Awarded best guitarist at the 2001 Euroblues, Heintz founded soul-jazz band SNAP in 2005. His solo effort Straight from the Heart came out in 2009.



  • Zeb Heintz - 2010 Concert

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