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Hadouk Trio

Hadouk Trio

Origin: France

Genres: Fusion, World

Their name is a contraction of the words hajouj, meaning African bass, and doudouk, an Armenian oboe. Their musical arsenal, however, includes some 25 instruments. The Hadouk Trio is made up of three globe-trotting musicians whose sonic buffet is tinged with the flavours of Africa and the Middle East: on the saxophone and flute, Didier Malherbe, co-founder of the progressive group, Gong; on keyboards, Loy Ehrlich, who's collaborated with Peter Gabriel and Youssou N'Dour; and on percussion, American Steve Shehan, a Brian Eno and Vangelis acolyte. The result is a nomadic music and an invitation to jazz experimentation using instruments not typically associated with the genre.


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