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Misteur Valaire

Misteur Valaire

Origin: Quebec, Canada

Genres: Electronica, Hip-hop, R&B/Soul/Funk

Originally from Sherbrooke, the five members of Misteur Valaire have been friends since elementary school. Interested in both classic jazz and electronic music, they made their debut album, Mr. Brian (2005), with electro-jazz influences similar to those of the Norwegian school (Nils Petter Molvaer, Jaga Jazzist). When they moved to Montréal, Misteur Valaire branched out, influenced by groove and sampling, and developed a more dance party sound on Friterday Night (2007). The group is known for its colourful, energetic stage performances and has been the recipient of nominations and prizes at a number of music awards ceremonies. In spring 2010, Misteur Valaire expanded its horizons, releasing the album Golden Bombay in Europe as well as in Canada. Bellevue came out in 2013.



  • Misteur Valaire - 2011 Concert

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