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Vinicio Capossela

Vinicio Capossela

1965 -

Origin: Italy

Main instrument: Vocal

Genres: Pop, Rock

Italian singer and songwriter Vinicio Capossela released his first album in 1990. The work of a highly idiosyncratic talent, All'una e Trentacinque Circa was informed by some of Capolessa's numerous influences, which span from American writers like Kerouac and Bukowski to the traditional music of Central Europe. As well as recording and touring on a regular basis, the artist took the time to score music for stage plays. In 2004, he released his first novel, Non Si Muore Tutte le Mattine. Released in 2006, Ovunque Proteggi offered an adventurous song cycle which owed a thing or two to Tom Waits. Da Solo came out two years later.


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