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That 1 Guy

That 1 Guy

1979 -

Origin: Ontario, Canada / California, United States

Genres: Avant-garde, R&B/Soul/Funk

One-man band, That 1 Guy, also known as Mike Silverman, studied classical bass before veering off in the direction of jazz. One day, he decided to invent his own instrument, the ‘magic pipe,' a device resembling a harp, made with MIDI sensors and a string that he pinches, plucks or strokes with a bow. Each receiver is programmed to produce all kinds of loops and sampled sounds. He also came up with a percussive addition, the ‘magic boot,' a cowboy boot hooked up to the ‘magic pipe' as well as the ‘magic saw,' a musical saw plugged into an effects box.



  • That 1 Guy - Concert 2009
  • That 1 Guy - Interview 2009

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