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Avishai Cohen

1970 -

Origin: Israel

Main instrument: Bass/double bass/cello

Genre: Jazz

A celebrated composer, bassist and singer on the Israeli-New York scenes, Avishai Cohen was born in Israel in 1970 into a family of music fanatics. His own musical adventure began at the age of 9 on piano, before moving to bass as a teen. After discovering Jaco Pastorius, he fell for electric bass. He studied the instrument at the Music and Arts Academy in Jerusalem and spent several years playing while in the army, before moving to New York in 1992. After some hard years busking the streets and working construction sites, he enrolled in the New School in New York, playing alongside Brad Mehldau and joined the Danilo Perez trio. In 1997, His career took off when he was contacted by Chick Corea after sending the artist a demo. He became a member of Corea’s group, spending the ensuing 6 years honing his skills. Cohen’s first 4 albums, Adama (1998), Devotion (1999), Colours (2000) and Unity (2001) were released by Corea’s label, Stretch / Concord Records, revealing his originality, blending Mediterranean and Latin influences, vocals and brass, in a unique sound. In 2002, he founded his own label, Razdaz Recordz, releasing Lyla (2003), At Home (2004), and Continuo (2006). He followed them with As Is. Live at the Blue Note (2007) and Gently Disturbed (2008), considered one of his most accomplished releases. Returning to Israel, he continued his ascension with a series of releases affirming the power of his sound, between tradition and modernity, Israel and New York, integrating vocals, strings and horns. His recent discography includes From Darkness, released in 2015.


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