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Keren Ann

Keren Ann

1974 -

Origin: Israel/France

Main instrument: Vocal

Genre: Pop

Born in Israel, Keren Ann Zeidel grew up in the Netherlands and in France. She began writing songs in her teens and released a first solo effort in 2000. Created with the help of French singer-songwriter and steady collaborator Benjamin Biolay, La biographie de Luka Philipsen was a delicate, folk-tinged affair washed in light electronica. The pair also contributed five songs to Henri Salvador's 2000 album. In 2001, Keren Ann released La disparition, featuring titles later rerecorded in English for Not Going Anywhere (2003). That same year, she started collaborating with Icelandic artist Bardi Johannsson under the moniker Lady & Bird. The singer-songwriter carried on her solo flight with Nolita (2004), Keren Ann (2007), and 101 (2011).



  • Keren Ann – Interview 2011 (in French)
  • Keren Ann - 2011 Concert

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