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DJ Food

DJ Food

Origin: United Kingdom

Genre: Electronica

The British collective DJ Food has been bending ears around the planet since their first release in 1990, the influential Jazz Brakes. Founded by Jonathan More and Matt Black (Coldcut), pioneers of the Ninja Tune label, the group saw many personnel change throughout the years, including PC (Patrick Carpenter) and Strictly Kev (Kevin Foakes), the sole remaining member today. Initially a team of DJs creating breaks and loops for other DJs ("Food for DJs"), the collective blossomed into an inventive team of colourful audio mixes and collages, releasing several lauded albums since the 2000s, including Kaleidoscope (2000), Now Listen (2001) and Now Listen, Again (2007). Besides being at the forefront of DJ Food today, Strictly Kev is also Artistic Director at Ninja Tune.



  • Spank Rock and DJ Food - 2010 Concert
  • Laurent Saulnier about Ninja Tune - Press conference 2010

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