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Charles Papasoff

Origin: Québec, Canada

Main instrument: Saxophone

Genre: Jazz

Versatile artist Charles Papasoff is a composer, producer, actor and musician. Appearing on the Festival program for the first time in 1982, he delivered a memorable performance on the baritone saxophone, his favourite instrument. The musician's reputation soon went beyond our borders, and Papasoff started putting his ambitious ideas into action. In 1996, he composed a modern score of Tristan and Iseult for Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal. Two years later, he mounted the multimedia project Catharsis. Since then, he has cultivated an eclectic career, serving as producer (for singers Coral Egan and Bïa), actor (in Next Floor by Denis Villeneuve) and musician (with the Montreal quintet The Sociopaths).



  • Papasoff - 2010 Concert
  • Pappasoff - Press conference 2010

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