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Jef Neve

1977 -

Origin: Belgium

Main instrument: Piano

Genres: Classical Music, Jazz

Belgian Jef Neve started composing for piano and symphony orchestras as young as 14, playing in various local bands as a teenager. After obtaining his Masters in Jazz and Classical piano in 2000, he worked as a freelance pianist, collaborating with a wide array of artists and orchestras, and in 2002 settled in London, UK, as resident pianist for the Contemporary Dance Company. The following year, the young prodigy returned to Belgium and formed the Jef Neve Trio, releasing a steady flow of both popular and critically acclaimed albums, including Blue Saga (2003), Soul in a Picture (2008) ans Imaginary Road (2010). Unstoppable, Jef Neve hosts his own weekly jazz radio show in Belgium and has composed film scores for Belgian filmmaker Felix Van Groeningen, including 2009's The Misfortunates.



  • Jef Neve Trio - 2012 Concert

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