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The Bad Plus

Origin: United States

Genres: Jazz, Rock

After playing together for years, pianist Ethan Iverson, double bass player Reid Anderson, and drummer David King formed The Bad Plus in 2000. The group became known thanks to its interpretation of pop and rock standards (Nirvana and Pink Floyd) and its electrifying performances. But the members of The Bad Plus have shown time and again that they're more than just excellent interpreters - this prolific band has averaged an album per year. For All I Care came out in 2009, followed by Never Stop in 2010, Made Possible in 2012, The Rite of Spring, Inevitable Western (2014), followed by an album with Joshua Redman in 2015.


  • The Bad Plus Joshua Redman (2015-06-28) Théâtre Maisonneuve - PdA
  • The Bad Plus (2013-07-01) Gesù — Centre de créativité
  • The Bad Plus - 2010 Concert

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