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Blues Camp

Blues CampCreated in 2007 for young local musicians aged 13-17, the Blues Camp offers an extraordinary opportunity to benefit from a week of high-level musical training. Dedicated exclusively to blues, the experience is offered absolutely free of charge! The Camp overcomes the barriers between social classes, opening its doors to all without any form of discrimination. This musical training program climaxes with a performance for the public on the Festival’s TD Stage at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal. The following testimonials from former “graduates” highlight the qualities of the Blues Camp.


“It was simply super to be with people as passionate as yourself. I met a lot of great people and I think it motivated me to continue! It was also amazing to start with almost nothing and create something magical!”

Ariane, singer


“The magnificent thing about the Camp was meeting the guys and gals in my group: they were all extraordinary people, musically as much as personally.”

Mandela, drummer


“The part I appreciated the most was the possibility of participating in a show at the Festival de Jazz and presenting the songs we had composed, lyrics and music. I was most affected by the devotion the teachers and musicians wanted to share with us in order to help us discover blues and jazz. The Camp was very intense and amounted to a beautiful, unforgettable experience.”

Emmanuel, singer


“The respect that reigned between all the musicians was really something. No competition. And what’s more, bonds of friendship formed very easily – I’ve never seen bonds form so quickly. After half an hour at the Camp, I knew practically half of the people there. I made very good friends, with whom I remain in contact.”

Félix, guitarist

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

An insider’s look at Blues Camp, with Artistic Director Vincent Beaulne and a few budding musicians.